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ASIA produce-MI A new opportunity for the designers!

ASIA produce-MI A new opportunity for the designers! è stato modificato: 2018-08-22 di asiadesignpavilion

Are you a European designer looking for a manufacturer? Are you an Asian company looking for European designers?

ASIA produce-MI it’s the answer

ASIA produce-MI is a call to ASIA, an invitation to its manufacturers to pay attention to prototypes made by carefully selected Italian designers and to consider the opportunity to produce them.
It is a project conceived and promoted by ASIA DESIGN PAVILION, official exhibition of Milan Design Week, ideated by Sarpi Bridge_Oriental Design Week, the oriental Fuorisalone in Milan which committes to creating a bridge between East and West, cultural and economic opportunities.

The carefully selected design prototypes are offered to Asian companies that are associated with the project ASIA produce-MI.
The Asian company receives the certification from our fuorisalone di Milano for produced prototypes, thus confirming the prestige of its company on the local market and in Europe.
In addition, the product is also exhibited during MIlan Dsign Week in Asia Design Pavilion, communicating and promoting both the designer and the company.

ASIA produces-MI: the project which gives to you a real economic opportunity …


Info in ASIA DESIGN PAVILION website | ASIA produce-MI

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