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Not just a simple service, building a close relationship with customers
Baedaltong is a mobile application that was launched in April 2010 to provide information on food delivery service based on a user’s location. User’s ratings and reviews were used to revolutionize and enhance the food deliver service culture by reducing distrust and building confidence among vendors. In 2013 the company sought new ways to create close relationships with users beyond food delivery service information. designfever created a viral video campaign designed to bring attention to the moment of delivery, encouraging application use by showing relatable situations of ‘people who eat delivery food’.

Creating a new formula, Delivery = Baedaltong
The primary purpose of the project was to have users think of the quality food delivery service application immediately when they encounter the word ‘baedal’ (meaning ‘delivery’). ‘Delivery = Baedaltong’ is a formula that was created to redefine key purposes of the application and reducing it to its essential function, ‘delivery’. designfever wanted to present baedaltong beyond the concept of a transportation service, but rather as a means of connecting people. The narrative was unique in that it focused on situations that viewers could empathize and connect with.

Office Worker Episode:

A man who is tired of job-hunting receives an unknown text message. How will our hero feel when he finds out what he assumed was a wrong number is in fact a company contacting him for an interview?

Stressed Girl Episode:
Ramen is a great food after a night of drinking. We’re introduced a girl who drank too much the night before, relived to find a bag of ramen she can cook for lunch. What will she do when she drops her food while bringing it to her bed?

Homemaker Episode:
A husband invites his friends over to his home for a football game while his wife prepares a chicken dish for them to enjoy. What are they going to do when they open the oven to find a completely charred chicken?

Reaching users through different media
The advertisements were used to reach consumers through a variety of media. They appeared on digital cable TV in Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Incheon starting on September 6th, 2013. The next day they were featured on 460 ticket issuing machines at Megabox and CGV cinemas in nationwid. In addition, the advertisement was also displayed on 90 LED Billboards in places like the highly popular Megabox at COEX Mall in Gangnam.

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