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Summer Holidays 2015: Top design-inspired Italian villas

The summer season is heating up and travel plans are being put in order: for those who have Italy at the top of the list this season, let’s have a look as we round up some of the most decadent villas from the North to the South.   



Sunglasses: An Expression of Style Yesterday, Today and Forever

It’s a convenient little accessory that manages to make a huge fashion statement:

trendy shades are the go-to accent that have transcended generations, a timeless accessory that accentuates true female elegance.


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Style Guide 2015: Off the Runway and on to the Race Track

This spring we’re on the hunt for the most stylish suit on the market: for motorbikers that is.

Tastes in fashion and design straight from the race track for the most innovative designs in motorcycle gear.


Product Selection

SDM Products Selection, una selezione di prodotti di design in grado di migliorare la vivibilità degli spazi indoor e outdoor, ed allo stesso tempo di esprimere un mood.


Luxury Enters the Kitchen with Colombini Casa

Colombini Casa’s latest kitchen collection, Opera, features five luxurious versions that are a rich combination of functionality and beauty, with a precise attention to detail.